Submission guidelines

There are no hard rules when it comes to writing for World Wide Pop, but what I can offer are some suggestions to help you get started.

For the Global Pop Catalog

  • Center the piece around a cultural product, typically a film, a piece of music, a bound book, game, or work of art.*
  • Introduce the cultural product. Weave a small story about why it’s special. Did it provoke a particular audience reaction? Is it an important new work within its genre?
  • Make sure to provide enough cultural context. Explain why the chosen work is important to a particular locale or group so that someone not familiar with the scene can understand it.


* Two important notes relating to the choice of the cultural product:

  1. The cultural product must be significant in some way. This includes being extremely popular in a particular place, being a cult classic amongst a select group, having an incredible back story behind its creation, having elicited an unexpected response or simply being a breakthrough work within a niche genre.
  2. Many things can fall into the “work of art” umbrella, and we’ve strayed as far as to cover shoes, a set of emoticons, and a friend promises me a series on unknown foreign beers would be fantastic.If in doubt, run the choice of cultural product by an editor before starting.

For the Business of Cultural Exchange

Pending as the section matures.

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