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Ila Tyagi

In our carefully politically correct world, Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) is a refreshingly cheeky change. Never one to suffer the word “paraplegic” when the word “spastic” will do, The Guard’s Sgt. Boyle is a loose cannon who just …

Steve McQueen, a director with as rare a talent for visual lyricism as any working today, strikes new ore with his film Shame. His previous film, Hunger, assembled beautiful images within trademark long takes, and thus, achieved an …

Carlos harks back to the days when movies were big. Five hours and 30 minutes long. Shot in nine countries. Dialogue in eight languages. Spanning two historic decades.  

This lavish international production is a biopic of the terrorist Carlos the …

Tulpan (2008) does that sexiest of things: it renews your sense of wonder.

It’s one of the gems in a micro-genre of films that Andrew O’Hehir over at Salon calls “Yurt Cinema.” Winner of Un Certain Regard honors at Cannes …

Say the word “Bollywood,” and what does it evoke? Probably color-coordinated dancing girls, melodrama, and a sinking feeling at the thought of having to spend the next four hours of your life watching a movie.

Luckily for us, Luck By

Emma Recchi, as played by the divine Ms. Swinton in I Am Love, is a sleek Russian wife to the heir of a Milanese fortune. Unfulfilled in her marriage and lonely now that her three impossibly beautiful children have grown …

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