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Above: Screen capture from Android Porn, one of the DOTMOV 2012 winners.

The DOTMOV Festival Schedule has been announced over at SHIFT (who double up as the festival’s organizers). As usual, the festival will take place at select cities …

The winners of DOTMOV 2012 have been selected, and SHIFT will be hosting screenings of the 13 best shorts at locations around the world.

From their press release:

This year’s total submission of works is 194, coming from 16 different 

SHIFT is once again accepting submissions for their world wide, digital short film festival. We’ve featured them for several years in a row now, and the results are always impressive!

From their blog:

Online magazine SHIFT presents DOTMOV Festival

Bittersweet Fu (富中作樂) is an illustration lover’s graphic novel. The meticulous hand of its author, Ko Sing, is visible in every page. Whether it’s the distinct character design for each and every background character, or the lovingly rendered …

Another World was made during an era of PC gaming when single-creator works were still the norm. Rounabout the same year when Jordan Mechner was plumbing the depths of level design with the Prince of Persia, Eric Chahi was pushing …

The making and success of Scott Pilgrim are a sign that videogames really have infiltrated our popular consciousness. When captions such as “+9999 EXP” and “Level Up” are casually assigned to characters without explanation as punchlines, it presumes the audience …

Are you a Chinese speaker interested in practicing your written English skills, or an English speaker interested in practicing your Traditional Chinese interpretation? And an RPG fan? Here’s something that might interest you!

Verve Fanworks is in the process of …

You may have been wondering why we’ve been missing in action for the past few weeks, and if you’re reading this, you will have noticed that we’ve been hard at work on a major overhaul of the site.

Aside from …

You play Stanley, the narrator declares, a content worker drone in a nondescript office. Sitting up from your desk at work one day, you realize that everyone is gone. The narrator shepherds you towards the cafeteria, to see where everyone’s …

Many animated Japanese TV series are based on serialized comics that have already proved themselves in paper form. The relationship between comic and TV series varies; some animation studios stick close to the original while others run off with the …

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