DOTMOV 2012 screening schedule coming soon

The winners of DOTMOV 2012 have been selected, and SHIFT will be hosting screenings of the 13 best shorts at locations around the world.

From their press release:

This year’s total submission of works is 194, coming from 16 different countries. The 13 works have been selected by the guest judges. The Screening of these videos on the websites and venues around the world is from November, 2012.

* The screening schedule of each venues will be released on the website from November 2012.

They have also released the first three shorts for your online consumption pleasure below (starting with the one pictured at the top of this post):

Sync (
09:00 | UK/Denmark/Holland/Germany | 2010
Dir: Max Hattler (, Sound: Dennis van Tilburg (
Selected by Hideki Inaba

Channeler (
05:20 | Japan | 2012
Dir.: Takashi Ohashi (, Composer: Yuri Habuka(, Mixer: Taro Ishida (, MC: Onipari
Selected by Miranda

Darn That Dream (なんてゆめ) (
01:39 | Japan | 2012
Dir: Kyu Shibayama (
Selected by Yoshi Sodeoka


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