Sapporo Pre-Biennale Art Proposals Wanted

To raise awareness for the upcoming Sapporo Biennale 2014, the Sapporo Pre-Biennale Executive Committee are working with Shift Magazine to host an art competition. Submit a proposal for a Sapporo-related art project to be displayed at pre-biennale exhibitions as well as the biennale itself.

The official call for submissions:

Sapporo Pre-Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition 2011 is holding a International Art-Proposal Competition which includes plans, plan drawings, photographs of maquettes, and sample images. Application period finishes March 15, 2011 has been extended to March 25.

And from their website:

…what would fuel your artistic imagination in Sapporo, or for that matter anywhere in Hokkaido?

There are many possibilities for collaboration – utilizing the regional characteristics of the natural environment, local cuisine, or agriculture as points of departure. Possible art projects could also involve participation from neighborhood markets, indigenous industries, and of course residents and their children. Or, simply exhibiting your personal artwork, hosting a workshop, lecture, symposium, or special event would also be welcomed. The choice is yours.

For submission details, visit the official website for the competition; also see Shift’s blog post about it.

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March 9, 2011
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