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The making and success of Scott Pilgrim are a sign that videogames really have infiltrated our popular consciousness. When captions such as “+9999 EXP” and “Level Up” are casually assigned to characters without explanation as punchlines, it presumes the audience …

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (2011) is a fantastic game and social media experiment that is, for better or worse, wrapped up in its own hype. Its makers have described their work as “a brave experiment in Input Output Cinema,” …

Mass Effect 2 is a hybrid action and roleplaying game (RPG) set in a sci-fi world. It was first released by Canadian game studio Bioware in 2010 and is the second game in a trilogy.

The first thing I noticed …

The Misra Legacy Compilation I is a fantastic, and free, mixtape of North American indie rock. Details reposted from Crawdaddy:

Out with the old Bracys, in with the new. Misra has always been a fiercely pro-artist record label, founded

A light post for the holidays! For the second year in a row, UK-based online indie music zine The Line of Best Fit has convinced various Canadian musicians to pitch in for their Christmas-themed mix, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada.”

This …

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