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Another World was made during an era of PC gaming when single-creator works were still the norm. Rounabout the same year when Jordan Mechner was plumbing the depths of level design with the Prince of Persia, Eric Chahi was pushing …

Carlos harks back to the days when movies were big. Five hours and 30 minutes long. Shot in nine countries. Dialogue in eight languages. Spanning two historic decades.  

This lavish international production is a biopic of the terrorist Carlos the …

The Taste of Chlorine (Le goût du chlore, 2008) bears a simple story: Young man goes to the pool. Meets a girl. Using this simple premise, illustrator and author Bastien Vivès tells a compelling story through a series …

When I was living in the US around 2003 to 2005, I often saw Persepolis (the book, released 2000) on display in bookstores. There was a renewed interest in serious comic books, or graphic novels, at the time, and Persepolis

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