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The winners of DOTMOV 2012 have been selected, and SHIFT will be hosting screenings of the 13 best shorts at locations around the world.

From their press release:

This year’s total submission of works is 194, coming from 16 different 

Even though film is primarily a visual medium, sound and in particular spoken language is a crucial part of any motion picture’s narration. There is a whole sub industry of film people dealing with all kinds of languages from all …

They are young. They are German. They play in Berlin.

Three conditions that might be enough to be something in the European music scene. No CD releases to date. You find them playing in parties, in the subway or  in …

Carlos harks back to the days when movies were big. Five hours and 30 minutes long. Shot in nine countries. Dialogue in eight languages. Spanning two historic decades.  

This lavish international production is a biopic of the terrorist Carlos the …

“Wait, you play Settlers of Catan?”

To have played Settlers means to have passed the rite of initiation into “German” (or German-style) board games. This niche genre of tabletop games is considered close to the American classics Monopoly and …

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