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SHIFT is once again accepting submissions for their world wide, digital short film festival. We’ve featured them for several years in a row now, and the results are always impressive!

From their blog:

Online magazine SHIFT presents DOTMOV Festival

Minority actors are typically sidelined and cast in stereotypical, over the top racial roles — especially when they are Asians on American screens. The Asian guy in Glee plays The Asian guy in Glee. The comedienne, Margaret Cho, jokes …

Any Hindi movie that has the word sex in it is guaranteed to be a major departure from typical Bollywood fare so I trundled over to see this as part of the London Indian Film Festival (it’s also available on …

Say the word “Bollywood,” and what does it evoke? Probably color-coordinated dancing girls, melodrama, and a sinking feeling at the thought of having to spend the next four hours of your life watching a movie.

Luckily for us, Luck By

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